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The Roles and Functions of Humanities in the Present Era


Time: 09:30, October 14, 2019

Venue: X1405, No. 1 Teaching Building, Xipu Campus

Reporter: Wang Ning


Speaker's Profile:

Wang Ning, President of School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and a senior professor on humanities and social sciences, is a member of the Academic Committee of Tsinghua University and Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Tsinghua University. In 1989, Professor Wang obtained the doctorate in English and Comparative Literature of Peking University; and later Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) conferred the postdoctoral fellowships on Professor Wang to engage in researches in Utrecht University. In 1991, Wang Ning served as Associate Professor of the Department of English of Peking University after returning to the motherland; and in 1992, Wang Ning was promoted to Professor as an exception. From 1997 to 2000, Professor Wang was appointed as Director of Institute of Comparative Literature, Beijing Language and Culture University and the academic leader & founding advising professor of the doctoral program of comparative literature and world literature. In 2000, while obtaining the special allowance of the State Council, Professor Wang was transferred to Tsinghua University, where he held the post of founding advising professor of the second grade discipline of English Language and Literature and the first grade discipline of Foreign Languages and Literatures. In 2010, Professor Wang was elected as an academician of the Academy of Latinity; in 2012, Professor Wang became a "Chang Jiang Scholar" in 2011 of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (MOE); and in 2013, he was appointed as a foreign academician of European Academy of Sciences, representing the first scholar of humanities and social sciences who received the honor in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). In addition, Professor Wang also served as an expert of the Panel of Chinese Literature of the National Social Science Fund of China, and a pundit of the Panel of Literature and Art of the Chang Jiang Scholars Program, MOE. The additional academic posts of Professor Wang include Chairman of Chinese Comparative Literature Association (CCLA), Vice Chairman of China Society of Foreign and Chinese Literature and Art Theories, and Vice Chairman of Chinese Association of Literature and Art Theory. Professor Wang Ning has compiled a number of books, especially proficient in the researches into such fields as the theory of modernity, postmodernism, globalization and cultural issues, world literature and translatology. Apart from two English books and more than ten Chinese works and nearly 450 Chinese papers published, Professor Wang has published over 130 English papers on more than thirty international authoritative publications or collected works. 100 and more papers of Professor Wang have been included in SSCI/A&HCI database. Some papers have been translated into Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Serbian, French, Arabic and other languages, which have an extensive influence on the circle of humanities and social sciences in the international community.

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