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President Xu Fei led a visiting delegation to Ethiopian and Israel


To deepen the university’s internationalization within the context of Double First-class Construction and explore the cooperative potentials in education and scientific research with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, President XU Fei led a visiting delegation to higher education and research institutes in Israel and Ethiopia in this April.

The delegation is comprised of leaderships from SWJTU administrative departments, namely, The delegates are Dr. REN Pingdi, Director of SWJTU Faculty Development, Dr. ZHOU Zuowan, Executive Deputy Director of Office of Scientific Research and Development, Dr. CHEN Jinchuan, Dean of International School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Dr. JIANG Jiuwen, Director of International Cooperation and Exchanges.

In Israel, the delegation visited Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, University of Haifa and College of Management Academic Studies. A wide range of topics, including interdisciplinary development, innovation and entrepreneurship, fundamental scientific research, cutting-edge research and its transfer, were discussed between SWJTU and its Israeli counterparts.

Dr. Oren Kaplan, President of College of Management Academic Studies, and his Chinese counterpart, XU, wrapped up their first meeting and set a constructive tone for the future development of two institutes. The two sides reached the consensus on seeking cooperative opportunities in organizing competition in innovation and entrepreneurship, big data and AI research as well as other joint research projects.

As one of SWJTU’s important global partners, Techion held a formal and warm reception for SWJTU delegation. The two sides decided to embark on a new journey of cooperation to further advance cooperation on students exchange and joint education as well as joint research projects. A agreement describing the intent and area of cooperation will be duly signed by the two universities in the near future.

The University of Haifa, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University are the three last stops of the high-end SWJTU delegation.

Dr. Raanan Rein, President of Tel Aviv University (TAU), highlighted the significance of establishing cooperative relationships with Chinese universities. He hoped that the two universities could be involved in some pragmatic cooperation. TAU will offer scholarships for outstanding SWJTU students who are enrolled in TAU summer programs.

Dr. Asher Cohen, President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ), met the delegation. With the sharing vision and mission, SWJTU and HUJ reached the consensus on co-applying scientific funds at national level and promoting the mobility of student and faculty member within the framework of a agreement that is scheduled to be signed this year.

During his stay in Ethiopia, XU visited Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and briefed Ambassador Tan Jian on the latest remarkable achievements in all respects scored by SWJTU.

With Sino-Ethiopia ties being hailed as role model for South-South cooperation, there has emerged unprecedented opportunity for Chinese Higher institutes to be engaged more with its Ethiopia counterparts. As a China’s renowned prestigious university featuring prominently on rail transit, SWJTU has designed well-targeted measures to improve cooperation with Ethiopian higher institution over the past decade.

Arriving at the Ministry of Science and Technology of Ethiopia (MOST) on March 30, the delegation met Minister Getahun Mekuria and Minister for State Affairs Shuméte Gizaw. SWJTU and MOST then signed a agreement targeted at student joint education program, which means that there will be over 100 qualified undergraduate students selected from the two universities directly administered by MOST.

President Xu Fei signed a cooperative agreement with Dr. Tassew Woldehanna, President of Addis Ababa University


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