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Rhodes Foundation visits


On March 20, 2018, Dr. Charles Conn, CEO of the Rhodes Foundation, led a delegation to visit SWJTU.

In a meeting with the delegation, Xu Fei, President of SWJTU, introduced the university’s development and academic advantages. Cultivating global leaders with a strong sense of responsibility, what is at the core of Rhodes spirit, echoes with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s concept of building up a community of shared future. SWTJU would vigorously promote, said Xu, substantial cooperation with its UK counterpart in cultivating global leaders among young generation.

Dr. Charles Conn briefly introduced the historical development of the Rhodes Foundation while expressing strong willingness to offer diverse and unique channels for outstanding young people in western China.

To gain a better understanding of the university, the delegation visited Xipu campus. Dr. Charles Conn delivered an orientation concerning issues such as the building-up of leadership with a sense of responsibility, the great meaning of charity campaign, and the significance to improve students’ independent thinking ability.


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