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SWJTU and Chery sign strategic cooperation agreement


On February 27, SWJTU signed strategic cooperation agreement with Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, a Chinese automobile manufacturer giant. Under Innovation-driven Development Strategy, the cooperation will enable the two sides to seize the gold opportunity of developing new energy vehicle and smart vehicle.

The signing ceremony, attended by the leaderships from SWJTU, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd and Yibin Municipal People’s Government, was held at Jiuli campus.

Wang Shunhong, Secretary of SWJTU CPC Committee, addressed the signing ceremony. He indicated that SWJTU would be unswerving committed to the mission of building China into a science and technology giant as well as a manufacturing power. To achieve substantial outcomes and strive to setting up a model for University-enterprise cooperation, Wang hoped that two sides would conscientiously fulfill the cooperation agreement and strengthen the exchanges.

In his speech, Yin Tongyue, the Chairman of the Board of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, introduced the development achievement of his company and the background of the cooperation. He said that both sides should work together in a pragmatic and efficient manner to explore the possibility of applying the advanced technologies such as those developed in the field of high-speed rail to new energy vehicle researches, which may become another symbol of China’s rapid economic development.

Xu Fei, President of SWJTU spoke highly of the tripartite cooperation between SWJTU, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd and Yibin Municipal Government, which integrated the advantages of higher institute, enterprise and local government. He emphasized that a new era of scientific and technological revolution enable us, who were always brave and smart, to create vehicles fulfilled with new concepts.

Ning Jian, Executive Vice Mayor of Yibin Municipal People’s Government, hoped that fruitful outcomes in new energy vehicle development could be achieved through this cooperation. He said Yibin Municipal People’s Government would provide all the necessary supports for promoting the cooperation.

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