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SWJTU delegation visits Organization for Cooperation of Railways and universities in Russia and Greece


From November 3 to 11, SWJTU Chairman WANG Shunhong led a visiting delegation to Organization for Cooperation of Railways(OSJD) and universities in Russia and Greece. The purpose of this overseas visit is to further expand the university’s international cooperation worldwide and hunt for more global brilliant minds. Serving the Belt and Road Initiative, SWJTU’s going abroad will promote the implementation of its Internationalization Strategy and accelerate the development of world-class university featured by rail transit.

The Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD) was established to create and improve the coordination of international rail transport. The main theme of the OSJD is in the programme for perfecting railway links between Europe and Asia. The OSJD defines success as the increase in freight volume that can be achieved both by direct investment in technical equipment, and by rationalization and improvement of existing procedures and services.

SWJTU was acknowledged as a member institute of OSJD in this July. To seek a win-win cooperation and deepen the mutual understanding with OSJD, WANG Shunhong met with the OSJD Secretary Mr. Attila Kiss and senior experts of OSJD.

WANG Shunhong introduced SWJTU’s advantages as to scientific research, talents cultivation and standard formulating in the field of rail transit, highlighting SWJTU’s willingness and vision of cooperation with OSJD. Attila Kiss welcomed SWJTU’s participation in OSJD and spoke highly of SWJTU’s role in promoting cooperation with other member institutes. The Chairman and experts from OSJD Transportation Policy and Development Strategy (1st OSJD Commission) and the OSJD Infrastructure and Rolling Stock (5th OSJD Commission) briefed the delegation its duties and responsibilities as well as their working mechanism. Besides, the two OSJD departments invited SWJTU experts and scholars to serve at OSJD. 

The SWJTU visiting delegation to OSJD 

During their stay in Russia, the delegation visited Chinese Embassy in Russia and met with the Minister-Counselor YU Jihai. YU made a detailed introduction on the achievements the Embassy has scored in educational cooperation with its Russian counterparts and Sino-Russia cooperation in railways. He also shared the information on Chinese high-level personnel working in Russia. WANG appreciated the support and help provided by the Embassy to promote the cooperation between SWJTU and its counterparts. He wished through the Embassy to recruit outstanding talents in Russia and contribute more to the One Belt and One Road Initiative. 

 The SWJTU visiting delegation to Chinese Embassy in Russia 

The delegation visited two Russian partners, namely, Russian University of Transport (the former Moscow State University of Railway Engineering) and Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University. In Russian University of Transport, Vice Rector Glazkov Vladimir Nikolaevich met the delegation. During the meeting, the two parties reviewed the achievements they had made so far and discussed the cooperation on joint application of government-level joint scientific research projects, dual-degree joint education and scholarships. Meanwhile, the two parties agreed to enter series of substantial cooperation such as accelerating the development of the Research Center of Frozen Soil jointly launched by the two universities in last November.

Chairman WANG Shunhong met Vice Rector Glazkov Vladimir Nikolaevich,Russian University of Transport 

Dr. Alexander Y.Panychev, Rector of Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University, met the delegation. During the meeting, the two parties reached the consensus to work more closely to strengthen their traditional friendship while further deepening the cooperation on students joint education and high-speed railway scientific research. A meeting summary was then signed by WANG and Panychev to promote more substantial cooperation under SWJTU-PGUPS Memorandum of Understanding.

Chairman WANG Shunhong met Rector Alexander Y. Panychev, Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University

To explore the cooperation opportunities with Greek universities, the delegation visited Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of Athens. Rector A. MITKAS met the delegation in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During the meeting, WANG and Mitkas signed the Memorandum of Understanding aiming to pursue a win-win cooperation. The two parties also agreed to establish SWJTU-Aristotle Institute as a significant platform to promote Sino-Greece cultural exchanges.


Chairman WANG Shunhong signed Memorandum of Understanding with Rector A. MITKAS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Rector Meletios-Athanasios C.Dimopoulos met the delegation in University of Athens. Cooperation on students joint education, scientific researches and other field as agreed by both parties to raise mutual understanding and pursue common benefits. The first two disciplines that will be involved in cooperation are physics and information science. To extend its willingness to cooperate with SWJTU, University of Athens formulated a Memorandum of Understanding based on the meeting summary and sent it to the delegation before its departure for Warsaw.

The SWJTU visiting delegation to University of Athens


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