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SWJTU Internationalization Strategy Promotion Convention held



Recently, SWJTU Internationalization Strategy Promotion Convention was held on Jiuli campus, with the theme of accelerating internationalization to promote world-class university and discipline development. 


University leaderships, CAE and CAS Academicians, high-profile talents, and representatives from university schools had participated in the grand gathering.


Aiming for long-term development to constantly support world-class university development, SWJTU launched the Internationalization Strategy in 2014, a historical and crucial step as to advance the university’s overall development. According to three years’ great efforts, achievements have been made in overseas talents recruitment, the internationalization of faculties, students joint education, international students cultivation, international cooperation in scientific research and so on.


Dr. Yan Qipeng, the university Vice Chairman, summarized the implementation of the Internationalization Strategy during the past three years. In his report, he highlighted the general requirements,key tasks and measures as to the implementation of the Internationalization Strategy during the upcoming three years.    


The Executive Proposals for the 13th Five-Year Plan for Internationalization Development was launched in the convention. University Chairman Wang Shunhong and President Xu Fei announced the list of SWJTU Outstanding Group and Individual for Promoting International Cooperation and Exchanges, and the list of Demonstrated Units for English Websites Developments.


CAS Academician Zhai Wanming shared the experiences of promoting international cooperation and exchanges in Rail Transit Engineering Dynamics.


Dr. Jacob Odgaard, the newly-appointed Dean of the School of Architecture and Design, talked about his understandings on university internationalization from the perspectives of goals, strategies and major tasks.


Dr. Turgay Celik briefed the audiences the key facets of implementing the Internationalization Strategy, such as establishing overseas campuses, developing internationally-based management bodies and reinforcing the international atmosphere and so on.


University President Xu Fei represented the university leadership to extend his sincere appreciation to all the faculty members dedicated to promoting the Internationalization Strategy, and cordial congratulations to the groups and individuals awarded.


In his remark, Xu called for all the SWJTU faculty members and staffs to keep being creative and innovative, and being committed to promoting Internationalization Strategy to speed up an all-around internationalization development characterized by internationally-based university-running concepts, management modes, administration mechanism, student joint education and teaching, scientific research, and culture atmosphere.

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