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SWJTU Delegation visits universities in the United States


Professor XU Fei, President of SWJTU led a visiting delegation to Stanford University, UC Berkley, UC Davis, San Francisco State University, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University and Columbia University from September 18 to 24, 2017.

On September 18, President Xu visited Prof. Hongjie Dai, member of America Academy of Science, Prof. Ying Lu and Prof. Ziliang Li at Stanford University. During the meeting, Prof. Li Weiping, the Dean of the School of Mathematics agreed with us to jointly conduct research in finance.


On September 18, President XU visited San Francisco State University. During the visit, School of Foreign Languages at SWJTU discussed with its counterparties at San Francisco State University as to students exchange, dual degree programs.

SWJTU delegation also paid visit to the China’s Consulate General in San Francisco. President XU delivered a speech on innovation of high-speed rail in China. Ambassador Luo Linquan and more than 30 staffs at the Consulate General in San Francisco attended the talk. President XU gave his new book titled as Road and Belt: the Global Strategy of China’s High Speed Rail which was ranked as one of the ten best-sellers at Shanghai Book Expo as a present to Ambassador and his fellow staffs.


SWJTU delegation also met alumni in northern California area. President XU briefed recent development of the university and the achievements of high speed rail in China. President XU hoped that alumnus overseas could provide further help and support to the development of university in the future. Meanwhile, he highly appreciated waht the overseas alumnus have been doing for SWJTU.

On September 19, President XU accepted an interview at the local Chinese television channel. During the interview, President XU introduced China’s development in high speed rail and SWJTU’s significant role in this process. World Daily, a local Chinese newspaper also interviewed President XU.


During the delegation’s visit to UCBerkley, delegation members achieved intention agreement with their counterparties from its civil engineering and Ashley McDonald in fields of joint degree programs, faculty and student exchange, teaching and research.

President XU visited China’s Energy and Transportation Center at UC Davis on September 19. Prof. Li Weiping of SWJTU discussed with Director Liang Linxia in areas of green finance. On the same day, SWJTU delegation paid visit to the high speed rail construction office of the State of California.


On September 20, President XU visited Cornell University. He met Mr. Michael I. Kotlikoff, Provost of Cornell University and Ms. Laurie Damiani , Director of International Affairs at Cornell. During the meeting, the two parties discussed the cooperation potentials on establishing a joint research center in civil engineering. During the visit, the two parties also exchanged some historical archives of Mao Yisheng, a famous scientist in modern China and an alumni of both SWJTU and Cornell.


On September 21, SWJTU delegation visited Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). President XU held a meeting with Prof. Jimmy Hsia, Vice President of CMU for international affairs. Both parties agreed to conduct exchange in finance big date, computing finance and joint degree programs. The delegation also visited Tepper Business School at CMU.


On September 22, President XU visited Columbia University. President XU talked with Prof. David Madigan, Executive Vice President of Columbia University and Prof. Spiavk at Columbia. The delegation also held a meeting with School of Engineering at Columbia University. SWJTU School of Foreign Languages signed an MOU with Global Culture Research Center of Columbia University. President XU donated his book of Road and Belt: the Global Strategy of China’s High Speed Rail to the East Asia Library at Columbia University. The library offered President XU a donation certification.




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