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Opening Ceremony for New Undergraduates Held.


The Opening Ceremony for new undergraduates in 2017 was held at SWJTU on September 1, 2017. 6278 new students on Xipu Campus attended the ceremony and embarked on a new life journey at SWJTU.

In his address, President XU Fei extended his congratulations and welcome to the students and expressed the hope that they could realize their life goals at Southwest Jiaotong University. President XU introduced his ideas of three selves in the age of “self”. He expressed the hope that new students could learn to take their actions based upon their own free will, their self-improvements, and their self-discipline.

Student representatives CHEN Xueting, from School of Economics and Management, and YIN Zhe from School of Mechanics and Engineering performed a cross talk to tell the new students their coming lives on campus.

Professor LIU Xiaobo, Dean of School of Transportation and Logistics, as a representative of faculty members, delivered his welcome speech on the ceremony.

GENG Haoran, and Mimasha represented the fresh students extended speeches on the ceremony.

Professor WANG Shunhong, Secretary of the CPC Committee at SWJTU led others leaders of the university helped new students to wear their university badge.

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