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SWJTU-OSU Collaborative Dual Dual Degree launched 2017-05-05
St. Petersburg State Transport University visits SWJTU 2017-05-05
Sino-Russian Frozen Soil Research Center unveiled 2016-11-24
President XU Fei held meeting with Professor David Ginsburg, University of Mi... 2016-11-24
Sky Train on test in Chengdu 2016-11-23
SWJTU to join hands with Politecnico di Milano 2016-09-21
Nobel Laureate visits SWJTU 2016-09-08
First students welcomed to joint engineering school in China 2016-09-02
The schoolyard awakens as freshmen arrive: 2016 freshmen welcome ceremony hel... 2016-08-29
SWJTU to jointly develop the Chengdu the City of Rail Transit 2016-08-29
President Xu Fei attends Sino-Russian College Presidents Summit 2016-07-13
SWJTU 2016 graduation ceremony for undergraduates held 2016-07-01
Welcome to SWJTU-LEEDS JOINT SCHOOL 2016-07-01
SWJTU 2016 graduation ceremony for undergraduates held 2016-06-30
NAS Academician Hongjie Dai invited as SWJTU Honorable Professor 2016-06-27
Qingrong Cup - SWJTU entrepreneurship and innovation competition held 2016-06-24
SWJTU New Media entitled Top 10 2016-06-12
SWJTU computer science enters ESI top 1% 2016-06-12
Mongolian Ministry of Transport visits SWJTU 2016-05-31
New hydrogen-powered tram off assembly line 2016-04-01
Working meeting of SWJTU-Core Smart City held 2016-04-01
SWJTU meets Chengdu Pixian People’s Government 2016-03-25
SWJTU Locomotive Park Unveiled 2016-03-23
The Autonomous Province of Trento visits 2016-03-22
SWJTU Locomotive Park Unveiled 2016-03-21
Oklahoma State University visits 2016-03-21
China Scholarship Council visits 2016-03-15
China Scholarship Council visits 2016-03-15
President XU Fei paid visit to China Education Press Agency 2016-03-11
Spring Dream 2016-03-11
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