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Translation for cultural acceptance—Asymmetrical translation in three aspect... 2016-03-17
Small Boron Ligands and PolyhedralMetallaboranes 2016-03-11
Fine-Grained Modeling of Arterial Traffic: A Data Fusion and Information Inte... 2016-03-09
Fundamental Principles of Software Safety Assurance 2016-03-08
General Design 2015-12-21
Living with Mixed Member Proportional Electoral System: The New Zealand Exper... 2015-11-27
High Performance Metallic Materials:Aluminium Alloys 2015-11-20
Scientific workflow system 2015-11-06
Scheduling and Resource Planning for Railroad Infrastructure Maintenance Proj... 2015-10-23
Pragmatic Techniques for Nonlinear Random Vibration Analyses 2015-10-23
Play phonons by phontons: Raman scattering, Laser cooling, and Biosensing 2015-10-22
COMPARING CHINA AND THE WEST: Why? How? What Next? 2015-10-08
Smart Materials From Sustainable Sources 2015-10-08
Smart MaterialsSustainable Sources 2015-10-08
Alienation phenomenon in functional equations 2015-09-22
The application of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering in Equipmen... 2015-09-14
Hybrid Intelligent Models and Systems for Problem Solving and Decision Making... 2015-09-09
Video Understanding Meets Deep Learning 2015-09-02
Representation of object information in the brain 2015-09-02
Geosphere: consistently turning MIMO capacity into throughput 2015-07-16
Mechatronics and Dynamic Modelling Laboratory 2015-07-09
Jackknife Empirical Likelihood Confidence Regions for the Evaluation of Conti... 2015-07-09
Modeling airline catering process 2015-06-17
Dynamic Mobility Application Development Environment in Cloud Microscopic Tra... 2015-06-16
Uncertainty Management and Risk Mitigation in Building Design and Constructio... 2015-06-08
Market Behavior Effects on Innovative Green Building Technologies for US Resi... 2015-06-08
The Third Kind of History Discovered in America 2015-05-22
Challenges and Rewards: An Introduction to Game Design and Development 2015-05-21
Towards Coal-based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems 2015-05-18
Global Artistic Production and Art Criticism 2015-05-13
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